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November 2019 - Traction Testing for Startups

Dan Casas-Murray https://theleaninnovator.com/about/

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After 11 years of a steady paycheck, good status at his job, yearly pay raises and nice benefits, Dan left the US Army to become cashless, jobless, and just another civilian in Baghdad, Iraq. Within a year there, Dan co-founded a wireless Internet Service Provider, providing internet connections to around 400 people on a military base.

Two years later, the company was providing communication services to multiple Department of Defense contractors and international security firms in the area. At the end of 2014, the company had grossed a little over $3 million in revenues.

In 2012, Dan returned back to the Sacramento area with his wife, Maria after 5 years abroad. They purchased a small frozen yogurt and cupcake shop in Roseville, and worked to establish a customer base there. By the end of 2015, they had grown the business to a total of two brick and mortar locations in the Roseville area.

Dan is the founder at The Lean Innovator, an organization that helps entrepreneurs locate and engage with their target markets, enabling them to build a customer base before launching a startup. He also helps business clients to employ lean innovation methodologies in a small group or business setting.

June 2019 Entrepreneurs

Aubrey Lara.jpg

Aubrey Lara, The Social Changery www.TheSocialChangery.com

The Social Changery is a successful consulting firm that strives to ensure all people, regardless of circumstances or background, have equitable opportunities for educational, health, and economic success. Our team of innovative and expert professionals provide a fresh approach to planning and implementing projects designed for specific, positive social change. The Social Changery has a proven record of working closely with community based organizations, schools, stakeholders, and public agencies to advance the health, dignity and rights of all people.

Olga Filev, Inforex CEO inforexbackgroundchecks.com

888.530.8828 | office 916.370.4488 | direct

Inforex is a Background Screening Company. We work with businesses and individuals providing custom tailored background screening solutions for each unique partnership.

Knowledge is power – Our goal is to help our clients identify the best candidates through a seamless, relevant and reliable background check process. Inforex’s service provides peace of mind and confidence, when clients have assurance that they are hiring or leasing to the most qualified applicants.

We utilize the latest cloud technology in the industry, integrating with leading applicant tracking systems and HR platforms. It means our clients have all the required tools to be efficient, doing business faster and easier in today’s demanding business environment.

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Elena Doti http://overstockoutlet.us

“Elena manages several businesses now and has a potential to become a successful serial entrepreneur. Her interests and businesses are in different industries and areas: furniture retailing, insurance and finance, fashion industry and textiles. Whatever she starts becomes successful due to her dedication, efforts, conscientiousness and deep analytic view." - EMBA marketing professor about Elena

"In the furniture business we are adding a personal touch and attention to the needs of each specific customer, both before and after sale. We take care of every single person, and in case if any problems happen we respond fast and provide all the help in troubleshooting. Top level service is our ultimate competitive advantage." About my business

"Be courageous and accept the challenges! As a student always pick the hardest subject, as an entrepreneur, be open to new unexpected opportunities! This will bring you from zero to hundred. Being an entrepreneur is all about growth and evolution. Main goal is not to become an expert in something, but to create self sustainable systems, that will support the core of the business, which are people and sales"

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Ziad Mustafa https://www.evercresttechnology.com/

About Us: EverCrest Technology is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and technology solutions company based in Northern California offering world class IT services, technical support, and Technology solutions.

  • Vision: Our vision is to become an industry leader in IT services and solutions through innovation, cutting edge technology, and superior customer care, while providing EverCrest Technology employees with a vibrant, fun, and world class work environment. At EverCrest, we take pride in our culture of respect, integrity, innovation, authenticity, and unmatched customer care

  • Core Values: Integrity: At EverCrest Technology, we strive in demonstrating the highest level of honesty, credibility, and transparency in all we do.

  • Innovation: We believe in the importance of innovation and creativity in solving problems, addressing needs, and creating value with our solutions.

  • Authenticity: We believe in an enduring and consistent fundamental message, image, and identity.

  • Customer Satisfaction: We will always strive to create value for our customers with our solutions and to provide them with outstanding service.

  • Employee Satisfaction: We are keen to offer a work environment that is fun, that bolsters innovation, and that provides employees the opportunity to move their lives forward.

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Roman Porter SacMiniGolf www.SacMiniGolf.com

"Where museum meets minigolf!" SacMiniGolf is an 18 hole, indoor miniature golf experience located in the basement of two historic buildings in Old Sacramento that tells the story of Westward Expansion through hand-painted murals and Hollywood-style set design. SacMiniGolf is fun for all ages and our two party rooms are great for birthdays, team building and other celebrations. Additionally, our museum quality experience aligns with California Common Core standards for fourth-grade California history experiential learning.

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John Saruwatari www.blossomridge.com

John Saruwatari is an entrepreneur, co-founder and CFO of Blossom Ridge Home Health & Hospice. He received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration (Finance) from CSUS and MBA from CSUS’ Executive MBA program. Prior to starting Blossom Ridge Home Health & Hospice, John held Accounting and Finance positions at companies in the Aerospace and Homebuilding industries.


Jaideep Shivani https://www.e2ndopinion.com/

Vision: Our goal is simple, every human life is precious and everyone is entitled to a second opinion in the field of medicine, we at e2ndopinion have developed a platform that will be available to connecting top-notch specialists to international patients using this HIPAA compliant platform for almost free.